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Pete Maher (U2, The Killers, Jack White The Rolling Stones)
FANTASTIC! Joe is without doubt one of the best engineers/producers in the business. I highly recommend him to all my clients & he delivers the goods each time. Super talented, brilliant studio & a fun guy too! :)

I Diesel from Diesel13 do solemnly swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God......without Joe Lonsdale my music that was embedded in my mind swirling out of control would never had been able to come to life. Only when you have been to Joe Public Studios do you realise your potential as a song writer. The man is a giver of Life no less!!!....Respect.

Eric Bay
I've recorded 4 EPs and an album (over 50 songs) with Joe over the past four years - as well as being a superb producer and musician, he's also great fun to be around. He knows exactly how to get the sound you want, and will often come up with great creative ideas for your songs too (which I usually take on board and always take credit for!) Without Joe I would never have been able to record music of such quantity and professional quality, and had so much fun doing it - for the independent singer-songwriter looking to record an EP or an album, there really is nowhere you'll get better results or better value than Joe Public Studios :)

Paul Russell
Hi Joe. Just wanted to let you know what a godsend you have been to me since I discovered you and your musical talents. I was completely stuck in a rut that was taking years, trying to find a way to outlet my music and songs . Now one year later and we have nearly completed my first album: fuelled by your encouragement, guitar , vocal and other instrumental talent as well as, the obvious to mention, great recording, mixing and producing skills. You’ve helped me create a body of work, that without you I wouldn’t have been able to do and, that I’m really proud of. Thank you!

Andy Caruso
Joe has talent, he's fast, reliable and always manages to solve all the problems and issues they might come up. He really knows what he's doing, I'll definitely come back to Joe Public Studios!

Ronnie Jones
I've just spent the past three months demo-ing new material with Joe Lonsdale at Joe Public Studios and have thoroughly enjoyed the process. Joe has a very professional work ethic and manages to get things down quickly but still retains high standards. His musicianship and engineering qualities are exemplary as are his enthusiasm and hunger for good songs. I have been fortunate enough to work with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Tears For Fears and Simple Minds and Joe Lonsdale's ability favours comparably with the talented people who work with these great artistes.

Warren Palmer
It is hard to find a producer who is good and also someone you feel comfortable working with. Fortunately I found Joe, who is an excellent producer and someone who is happy to explore any ideas you have fully. Joe loves a wide range of music past and present and he harnesses all of that into his productions. He is a great guitarist and has an endless supply of ideas and works tirelessly to get the right sound for the song. Joe takes great care in getting vocals to sound the very best they can be and gets the best out of people by encouraging  and suggesting different ideas. I would suggest you use real drums, which Joe can arrange, as they add a new dimension to a song and really make a song come to life, they are not that expensive either. I am loving working with Joe, as I feel he understands what I want for my songs. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Michael Cooper
Joe knows. Joe has a great ear and an intuitive ability to help record a song. He knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen. Thanks Joe!

Lucy Butler
Joe is great to work with, very professional and we were really happy with the results.

Steve Herbert
The guy knows sound recording like the back of his E-string! Joe produces beautiful, singing melodies, scorching leads, hot singles with fabulous production, thumping beats, elegant shifts and amazing hooks, your voice will sound the way you never imagined and harmonies the way Tallis intended, making every note shine with a vibrancy and perfection you can dream about but generally never achieve anywhere else. Just do it!

A Google User
Really fantastic, exceeded all expectations.Very friendly guy, knows exactly how to get the best out of us musicians. Incredibly talented producer - great ear, and a complete wizz with the equipment. Works quickly, produced more more tracks than we expected, but to an incredibly high standard. Phil Spector he is not, and I mean that in a good way.
Al D'Silva
Joe is a great guy I have known him for for a while now. I am a writer, composer & singer and produce my own tracks and working with Joe has helped me make it real and take it to the next level and fulfil my dreams and my goals and aspirations. I just give my ideas and music to Joe and he turns it into the sound I want to hear and feel in my soul.  The experience has helped me grow as an artist and fulfil my dreams. Thanks Joe its been a great ride so far and looking forward to more of the same.
Luci Cahn
I had the pleasure of working with Joe Lonsdale on my single 'Inside Out' which led to me being signed! He is an amazing and talented producer and musician who not only inspires you with great ideas but understands exactly what is needed in order to bring about your project.  He is creative, quirky, and does not waste time just to keep you in the studio. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ralph Fogg
Great for first time recordists! Joe is a friendly guy who knows what he is doing and makes you instantly feel at ease. A introductory chat over a coffee leads to you demo'ing your song to Joe and he picks up on the rhythm. He always asks if you are happy with the style he has chosen and then adds a lead guitar bass guitar etc to fill out the areas that are missing. I always enjoyed my visits to Joe Public Studios because my song was transformed into something worthy of public listening. I have gigged many times using Joe's recordings of my songs and will happily use him again.

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